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Melbourne bird trainer, Mel Vincent is one of the most well-known avian behaviourists in Australia. With many years of experience and training, she offers an unbeatable service, helping birds and their owners from all over the world.

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    We offer training for any type of bird at any age.  From a budgie to a chicken, we see them all.

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    Problem Solving

    So your bird bites, screams or is overly hormonal? Maybe your bird isn't tame.  We can help.

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    Psychological Treatment

    From feather plucking or self-mutilation to separation anxiety.  Treatment is available.

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Our Services

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    In Clinic Consults

    Mel is the practice manager of Bird Vet Melbourne and sees clients at the clinic, with availability at other clinics

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    Virtual Consults

    Not in Melbourne?  Mel has clients all over the world. Great for the birds that can't travel.

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    Parrot School and Chicken School

    Group classes are run regularly for both parrots and chickens.  See events page, call or email for more details.

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Latest Posts...

bird bite

Why Birds Bite

By Mel Vincent | October 1, 2023

Birds bite.  Understanding why birds bite, is the first step to stop biting.  A close encounter with a bird’s beak at some point, is the…

Lost Cockatiel

What To Do If You Lose A Bird

By Mel Vincent | September 20, 2023

Which Way Is The Wind Blowing? It’s not the first thing that jumps into your head, but it needs to be.  A scared, frightened, exhausted…

Self-mutilating Bird

Abusing Veterinary Staff

By Mel Vincent | September 18, 2023

Sometimes working in a vet clinic can break you.  It doesn’t surprise me that the veterinary industry has a higher suicide rate than any other…


How to Control Bird Hormones

By Mel Vincent | September 15, 2023

Bird Hormones get blamed for a lot of undesirable behaviours in our pet birds.  From biting, to regurgitating – it’s easy to shrug off unwanted…

Bird Erogenous Zones

Bird Hormonal Triggers – Misinformation that Gets Spread.

By Mel Vincent | September 9, 2023

“If you touch a bird anywhere other than its head, you can trigger hormones.”  We’ve all been told that at some point.  Vets say it.…

Grieving birds

Helping a Pet Bird Grieve

By Mel Vincent | March 22, 2023

Do pets grieve? Animals will grieve the loss of a family member (human or animal).  Studies show that most animals will show at least one…