ADELAIDE!!! The Pet Show 18-19 May 2024

Adelaide! Yes you read that right, Mel is coming back to South Australia and she's not coming alone.  Mel and some of the more well known members of Mel's flock and team are going to be at the Adelaide Showgrounds for the first Pet Show to be held in South Australia.  Check out the stage schedule, because Mel and her birds will be joining the amazing Ben Dessen on stage.  Come to the Works For Birds stand and meet the team.  Get your behavioural questions answered.  Get a voucher for and a discount voucher for online behavioural consultations.  Check out all the other stands and things to see while you're there.  This is an event for all types of animals.  Birds, Cats, Dogs, Fish, Reptiles and even insects!  Leave your own pets and home, but come get them some treats and have some fun.  Doors are open 10-4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Parrot School - (New Groups Regularly)

The waiting list for the next parrot school group is now open.  Parrot school classes run fortnightly for 3 sessions, each session is 2hrs.  ($300 payable up front).  There are limited places.  All birds must have a current health check from their avian vet, including screening test results for psittacosis and beak and feather disease.  (So get your tests done as lab results take time!)  Email: if you are interested.  Or call the Burwood clinic on: 9808 9011.  There will also be an upcoming online (zoom) version, time TBA (likely to be Sunday mornings). Screening tests will not be needed for the online group, but will be needed if graduates want to attend graduate events/meetups in person.  Please indicate your preference in your email.  The next new group is due mid May 2024, get in now though places are limited.

Chicken School

Chicken School will be running again in 2024.  There are 2 levels of chicken school.  Chicken Basics and Advanced Chicken Training. Click here for more information on what they consist of.  Chicken school is usually run in the cooler months of the year in order to encourage students to be on time (instead of classes being delayed by "Sorry!!! She's busy laying an egg and we can't leave yet!!!")  If you are interested in attending chicken school, please use the contact form on this website to be added to the waiting list for the next class.

Emergency First Aid Class for Rescuers Next Date TBA May 2024

This event is run with the team from Bird Vet Melbourne in Burwood.  Designed for both wild and domestic bird rescue volunteers, we're going to be teaching the basics of emergency treatment so that rescuers stand a better chance of keeping a bird alive out of hours in order to get it to an avian vet.  Topics include, bird handling, emergency critical care, giving fluids, crop feeding, giving medication, disease prevention (and treatment).  At this stage we're looking at August and there is no charge for rescuers to attend.  Contact Mel or the clinic to get on the list.

Toy Making Workshops July 2024

Exact dates are to be advised, but these are going to happen in July.  The more interest we have - the more classes we'll schedule.  If you're interested in learning how to make bird safe toys and attend a workshop where everything is supplied!  Fill in the contact form on the contact us page to be added to the wait list.

Bird Lovers Expo Date TBA November 2024

The 2023 event was the largest yet and this is going to happen again 2024.  Date is still TBA but watch this space!

Parrot Party!!!/ Harnessed Bird NEXT MEETING DATE TBA

Parrot Parties and Meetups for graduates of parrot school are held regularly.  Sometimes these will be combined with meetups from other associated/endorsed meetup groups.  This particular event is going to be combined with the harnessed birds meetup group and the parrot meetup group.  The location is only given out to those who have provided relevant health certificates for their birds.  This includes screening for psittacosis and beak and feather disease.  We're not interested in gatecrashers making our birds sick!!!  Locations for these meetups vary, they are usually outdoors and birds must be harnessed.  Bring a picnic lunch (sometimes we have a sausage sizzle depending on location).  People bring their own bird stands and bird food.  There will be a netted enclosure available for birds to be safely transferred from carrier to harness.  If your bird doesn't tolerate being in a harness for a long period of time yet, it is advisable to bring a carrier or small cage with adequate ventilation for your bird to rest in.  If you are interested in coming to this event and have a screened/trained bird.  Please contact Mel

Chicken Day! - 2024

If you missed Chicken Day on 26th February 2023 or enjoyed it so much you want to do it again, this event is going to happen again in 2024.  So keep those chicken tutus handy - you're going to need them.  In the meantime, chicken school continues (contact us for more details) and chicken tutus can be purchased either in person at Bird Vet Melbourne or online at the clinic's pet store

Pets In The Park - KNOX. Date TBA 2025.

Mel and some of her flock had a great time meeting you all 2024.  Thanks to all who attended.  We hope to be back in 2025.  Details TBA.

The Pet Show Melbourne 29-30th March 2025

Did you miss us at the 2024 show?  The Pet Show will be back at the Melbourne Showgrounds again in 2025.  More details will be released as we get closer so watch this space!

If you want Mel at Your Event...

Mel is a confident public speaker, doing many events each month right across Australia.  If you need a behaviourist or trained birds at your event - get in touch.

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