Parrot School

Parrot School is a group class for birds of any age.  (You're never too old to learn!)  Birds that attend parrot school in person must have a current health certificate from their avian vet, including disease screening tests for both psittacosis and beak and feather disease.  The class runs for 3 x 2 hour sessions, run fortnightly.  Online attendance is possible.

Participants learn the basics of caring for your bird, fundamentals of bird training, how to handle problem behaviours such as screaming and biting as well as the tools to start training almost any behaviour.

Parrot Parties are for graduates of Parrot School.  These are one off reunion sessions used to cover any problems that have arisen since completing parrot school, more advanced training and obviously they have an added benefit of socialization.


Chicken School

Chicken School is usually limited to the winter months.

The reason for this is because in the warmer months, chickens tend to lay more eggs.  Many chickens stop laying in winter.  A chicken that is about to lay an egg can be somewhat reluctant to get into a travel carrier to go to school!  As we prefer it when our clients aren't henpecked... we pick the time of year when chickens are more likely to be cooperative.

Chicken Basics.

Chicken school has two levels.  The first is: Chicken Basics.

Chicken Basics provides an introduction to chicken care and chicken training.  It's a group class run for 2 hours.  Chickens need to be healthy to attend.  Chickens and their owners learn how to train basic commands such as coming when called, targeting, and basic manners (such as stopping on command to be picked up).

Advanced Chicken Training.

The second level of chicken school is: Advanced Chicken Training.

Attendees must have completed Chicken Basics in order to attend.  In Advanced Chicken Training, participants learn more complicated behaviours.  This includes an introduction into playing chicken soccer and training chickens to play musical instruments such as the drums.  It's as crazy as it sounds but it's a lot of fun!


If you are interested in either parrot school or chicken school, please use the contact form on this website and we will add your name to the waiting list so that you will receive an invitation to the next scheduled class.

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