Virtual Behavioural Consultations

Not everyone has a tame, easy to put into a carrier bird.  That's ok.  Generally, it is better to recognise this and not damage the trust between you and your bird.  Online behavioural consultations are available.  Additionally, not everyone lives in Melbourne!!  If you have a computer - you have options.

Mel has clients all over the world and even sees clients from remote, outback Australian locations.  She does fly interstate for events/masterclasses/consultations - so watch the upcoming events page if you need this service.

Online consultations can be done in a number of ways.  Zoom is often the easiest, due to screen sharing options.  Sometimes a mobile method can be helpful, so facetime and skype are possible too.

You can easily book an online consultation through the Bird Vet Melbourne online booking system.  If you do this, Mel will contact you to arrange which platform suits your needs and how to login.

You may find that you can use an online option to get help to prepare your bird to go into a carrier for a future in-person consultation.

Online consultations may also be appropriate if your bird has a medical condition.  Some birds suffer from motion sickness, making it difficult to travel.  Birds with a contagious disease such as beak and feather disease may be in quarantine.  Elderly birds, birds with mobility issues, birds with poor vision - many of these birds find travel extraordinarily stressful.

If you or your family have symptoms of COVID-19, you may even need to switch your in-person consultation to a contactless one.

Some birds may only display a problem behaviour in their home environment, so in that situation an online consultation may be of benefit if you can't capture the behaviour on video.

These are all things to consider when you choose the type of consultation that you book.

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