Training parrots & other birds in person & online

At Works For Birds we encourage our clients to use force-free training methods to train parrots and other birds.  This means that we respect the bird's intelligence and right to choose their own behaviour and we use reinforcement to increase desirable behaviour.

In line with modern training standards, we adopt an ask don't order approach to training.  This doesn't mean we let a bird get away with murder.  We just like to make them think it was their idea not to commit the murder.

The more behaviours you have trained your bird to do on cue, the more you have in your arsenal to redirect problem behaviours.

From basic target training to more advanced flight training, we have strategies to help you achieve whatever you want.

Training can be done with a bird of any age or any level of tameness - it is never too late to start.

Book a behavioural consultation with expert bird trainer Mel Vincent either online or in person to help you with your bird training needs.

Black Cockatoo