How do I stop my bird screaming? biting? destroying the world?!??

Parrots should come with a warning label stapled to their foreheads.  Nothing prepares you for when that sweet, cute, fluffy little bird learns the joy of making your eardrums bleed or when they realise that they like you better without a nose.

How do I stop my bird from biting?  How do I stop my bird from screaming?  How do I stop my bird masturbating on everything?  How do I stop my bird chewing the furniture? are some of the most commonly asked questions in a bird behavioural consultation.

The good news is, there are options if you are experiencing these behaviours.  Solving these sorts of issues is something Mel does daily.

The stock standard answers that you will find in a google search of "Ignore the bird until it stops screaming, don't reward that with attention.  Only give it attention when it is quiet"; are at best unhelpful, at worst going to make the situation escalate until you break.  This is NOT what you will be told to do in a behavioural consultation with Mel.

Mel has real strategies, that work.

Cockatoo Foraging