Abusing Veterinary Staff

Self-mutilating Bird

Sometimes working in a vet clinic can break you. ┬áIt doesn’t surprise me that the veterinary industry has a higher suicide rate than any other industry. ┬áThere is a general attitude that vets are only in it for the money. ┬áThat vets over-service and over-charge. ┬áThe abuse veterinary staff receive continues to amaze me. ┬áThe…

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Helping a Pet Bird Grieve

Grieving birds

Do pets grieve? Animals will grieve the loss of a family member (human or animal). ┬áStudies show that most animals will show at least one (if not multiple) behavioural changes after the death or loss of a mate, a companion or other family member. ┬áIt can be extremely difficult to help your pet through that.…

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