What To Do If You Lose A Bird

Lost Cockatiel

Which Way Is The Wind Blowing? It’s not the first thing that jumps into your head, but it needs to be. ¬†A scared, frightened, exhausted bird (particularly if they’re inexperienced in flight), is going to take the easiest, fastest, way out of danger. ¬†Flying into the wind uses a lot more energy, than flying with…

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Abusing Veterinary Staff

Self-mutilating Bird

Sometimes working in a vet clinic can break you. ¬†It doesn’t surprise me that the veterinary industry has a higher suicide rate than any other industry. ¬†There is a general attitude that vets are only in it for the money. ¬†That vets over-service and over-charge. ¬†The abuse veterinary staff receive continues to amaze me. ¬†The…

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How to Control Bird Hormones


Bird Hormones get blamed for a lot of undesirable behaviours in our pet birds. ¬†From biting, to regurgitating – it’s easy to shrug off unwanted aggression as simply being due to the time of the year. ¬†The reality though? ¬†Hormones are a complex behavioural topic and there’s a lot of misinformation about them out there.…

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Bird Hormonal Triggers – Misinformation that Gets Spread.

Bird Erogenous Zones

“If you touch a bird anywhere other than its head, you can trigger hormones.” ¬†We’ve all been told that at some point. ¬†Vets say it. ¬†Behaviourists say it. ¬†Everyone in bird forums say it. ¬†There’s even a kind of joking meme that gets shared about which body parts you’re allowed to touch. ¬†You’re allowed to…

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