Why Birds Bite

bird bite

Birds bite. ¬†Understanding why birds bite, is the first step to stop biting. ¬†A close encounter with a bird’s beak at some point, is the one thing I can usually guarantee a bird’s owner. ¬†That and a close encounter with bird poop. ¬†They are the two things a bird owner should expect. ¬†That’s the bad…

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Why Name a Bird Training Company “Works for Birds”?!??


Bird Trainer – Melbourne might have been a better name? No I wasn’t drunk name brainstorming when I came up with “Works For Birds”. ¬†I really did try to find a name that said: bird behaviourist, bird trainer, even trains chickens, a lot of parrot training, fixes problem behaviours, stops screaming, stops biting, stops plucking.…

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